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Sonara Camp

Burj Khalifa

Image by Valentin Petkov

We booked the overnight experience and during the dinner it was wonderful. With a very romantic sunset fire shows, belly dancers and Sandboarding, Camel Rides and archery it was one of the best days you can have in Dubai. When I went sandboarding i felt nervous. I was used to ski. Then after a couple of hours I was the best in the camp.

The camel ride was one of the most  fun thing. At least when we were on our own. When my mum and my dad were there it was so unconfy because we were in three on a camel for 2.

Image by Travel Sourced

Standing at 829.8 meters it is the world’s tallest building. In front of the 26th largest shopping mall and  one of the largest fountains in the world it is a  wonderful destination to go with family and friends!

The fountains were so high that sometimes they went half way on the Burj Khalifa!

I was trying to jump while they went but it was a bit ti high. I had so much fun that day that i couldn’t stop. Then we went to The Top Sky Entrace and the view was amazing you could see

Aquaventure  Waterpark, Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point.

Burj Al Arab

Image by Travel Sourced

Ski Dubai

Burj Al Arab is a 7 star Hotel and I slept in a 2 floor suite. The view was magnificent with the Burj Khalifa in front of us. The Pool was so cool! It was the last thing on the island. Swimming in it made me think I'm swimming in the middle of the sea without Jellyfish!

It had a Jacuzzi, a seafront restaurant called SAL.

Even though Burj Al Arab was positioned on an artificial island it had its own beach! It was positioned in-front of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Sleeping in it was cool because you could see yourself when you woke up because of a giant mirror on top of our heads!

I felt so happy when my dad opened the door for the first time! I thought the room was wayyy smaller but it was huge. 6-8 People could sleep in it with 1 King Size Bed and 2-4 Extra Beds!

The service was so good that in 15 minutes you had your breakfast on your table.

Image by Nick Fewings

Aquaventure, Dolphin Bay, Sea Lion Point and The Lost Chambers Aquarium are a day activity at the Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

The 3 favourite waterslides are The Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge and the new one Blackout

I tried Aquaventure, Dolphin Trek and The Lost Chambers Aquarium

In Aquaventure i didn't do Poseidon's Revenge because it was tooo scary. But i did Slitherine, The Leap of Faith and Blackout... that at the end it sent you down a vertical drop! During the vertical drop you had 0 contact with the waterslide's surface!

When i started the vertical drop i was terrified. I prayed!!

But when my dad told me that it happened to him too I understood that it was normal and safe.

The Leap of Faith wasn't scary for the drop it was scary because you went FACE TO FACE with many of the Caribbean sharks that were waiting for riders in the lagoon!

During the Dolphin Trek

I was 8 years and that's how much you needed to do it! 

You got to touch them while underwater.

You were 30 minutes completely underwater. With a high tech helmet and a gas container! On solid ground it weighs 36 kg and in the water it weighed 16 kg!

But since i was a kid they put balloons so it weighed less!

You couldn't talk to each other!

In the Lost Chambers Aquarium

I don't have lots to say i just wanna say that there were 35,000 jellyfish and there were 65,000 marine animals completely!

Image by henry perks

Ski Dubai is a day-activity in Dubai.

There are zip-lines,  penguins, a slope with a chairlift and a snow park!

The chairlift stopped half way and at the top.

The top had two roads. One was for beginners another one for the experts!

I did both!

The one for the experts was 1 meter more than a vertical drop. It was soooo scary!

Butt the one for beginners had something  terrifying...

In the middle of the two slopes there was a hut.

Where inside there was a bar.

The Average temperature was freezing -4 C ordinary! My mum nearly became a statue of ice!

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